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Tuff-Pool Dealers, we know life just got a little tuff-er with the disappearance of your supplier of portable pools.


But it is a fact that Tuff-Pools is no more, and their support, supply and dealer service has gone the way of many other pool manufacturers before them.  But do not fear.  Their loss is your gain. Because Now you have access to a better stronger and more popular pool, from the manufacturer who started it all with the KD pool.


Legacy Pools USA are the innovators of Portable Pools and we have not been standing still.  We make a better pool, better known with a reputation for perfection around the world.  Our combine factories can produce more than 50,000 pools a year  and we can supply the need of portable pool dealer in the country.



Legacy – Tuff  Comparison

Below You Will Find a  Fair Comparison Of Legacy Brand Portable Pools and Tuff Portable Pools

Feture Tuff Portable Pools Legacy Pools
Depth 48in 52in
Liner Mil unstated 35mil
Liner Layers 3 5
Diocytol Phylathalate (Plastizer to keep it flexible and durable in cold and heat) No Yes
Liner Embedded Scrim No Yes20 x 20 Scrim
Liner Antifungal Sealed Yes Yes
Frame Material Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel
Frame Coating Powder Coated Teflon Powder Coated
Corner Braces Yes Yes
Lion Tested No Yes
Custom Sizes No Yes

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